Monthly message

A message from our Vicar, Reverend Angela Hannafin...

How good is your memory?  Mine is pretty bad, so I have to write everything down.  This means most of my life is directed by lists, and I get a secret sense of achievement when I can strike something out on my list and move on to the next thing. Maybe you can relate?!

Remembering is a prominent theme in the parish at the moment.   At the end of October we’ll be holding a Parish Memorial Service on Sunday 28th October at 3pm. This is an opportunity to remember all those who are close to us, but no longer with us.  There will also be an opportunity for us to light a candle for those we are thinking of, and for their name to be read out.  All are welcome to join us at All Hallows, Bardsey.

Of course, Remembrance Sunday is soon after that.  We join with millions who have continued to remember the end of the First World War.  This year we celebrate a hundred years of remembering in both our churches at East Keswick and Bardsey on 11th November.

Remembering is also a big part of why Christians meet together to worship.  In our services we remember what Christ did for us on the cross by dying for us.  We remember God’s words of love to us through his son Jesus, words of affirmation and life.  We re-enact the Last Supper together as we share the Eucharist, remembering Jesus’ command to meet together and share these precious symbols of him together.   We remember to pray for our world, our parish, our families and those who need God’s touch.   We remember to ask God to help us follow his example and be faithful to his commands.

This autumn, we hope you will join us as we remember in various different ways.

Every blessing