Baptisms and Weddings

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Baptisms, also called christenings, usually take place during the Family Service on the second Sunday of the month at All Hallows, Bardsey, and the fourth Sunday of the month at Saint Mary Magdalene, East Keswick.  However, in certain circumstances we may be able to do them at other times

To be baptised you, or your child, would normally need to live within the parish boundaries, or have a close connection with the parish.   If you wish to arrange a baptism at either of our churches please come to a Sunday morning service at All Hallows and speak to Reverend Angela after the service.  

If you would like to know more about the service go to Church of England Christenings


We would be delighted to hear from any couples considering marriage at either All Hallows or Saint Mary Magdalene.  Please contact the Parish Office.

Meanwhile here are some important questions you may wish to ask:

Can you be married here?

From 1 October 2008 new church laws have enabled engaged couples to be married in church in a parish provided there is a qualifying connection:

  • one of them was baptised or prepared for confirmation in the parish,
  • one of them has at any time lived within the parish for at least six month
  • one of their parents has lived in the parish for six months or more during their child’s lifetime
  • one of their parents has regularly attended public worships there for six months or more during their child’s lifetime
  • their parents or grandparents were married in the parish.

Use this link to find your parish church

What if we do not have a qualifying connection?

Couples who do not have a qualifying connection may still marry provided one or both has at any time regularly attended public worship - that is at least monthly - in the parish for six months or more.   Contact the parish office for more information about this 

Is there an age restriction to marriage?

The legal requirement is that you must be 18 or over to marry without consent.  If you are 16+ you can marry but you will need your parents’ written consent.

Do we need to be married in church?

Some people wish to marry in church but think they are being hypocritical because they do not usually attend Sunday services.  Please don't let this be a barrier for you.  What is important to us is that you have a good experience of God through the services we conduct.  A civil service is just as valid as a church wedding but being married in church is special – in coming to church you are asking God to be involved in your marriage.

Can I marry in church if I am divorced?

Although legislation has changed it is not a forgone conclusion that all divorcees can marry in church.  Most couples can but the final decision always rests with the minister of the parish.

What do we do now?

Contact Elizabeth in the Parish Office who will arrange for you to  meet our Vicar, Reverend Angela Hannafin.

What happens then?

After your booking is confirmed you will be supplied with a number of leaflets giving details on wedding arrangements including the order of service, flowers, music, readings and photography. We allow cameras and a video to be used at the ceremony but only discreetly and not with extra lighting or flash. 

Edward and Debbie - married All Hallows You will also be advised about the reading of Banns of Marriage.  Banns are a legal requirement enabling you to be married in church.  They will be read in the church in which you are to marry.  You are not required to be present when your Banns are read but most couples come at least once. If one, or both of you, currently lives outside the parish you will also need to arrange for Banns to be read in the parish of residence and obtain a Banns certificate from the local vicar.  Without this certificate your marriage cannot take place.   If you need help in finding the parish in which you live go to



The law of copyright is another important legal consideration and may appertain to you if you are reproducing certain hymns in your service sheets or videoing music.  We will be able to help you here.

And in the weeks before the wedding?

You can keep in touch us as often as you wish to get answers to all those other questions you may need to ask – such as ‘is there a toilet in the church’?  The answer is yes!  Or ‘can someone else take part in the service’?  Once again the answer is yes.  The minister conducting the service must do the legal parts but we encourage family and friends to take part at other times, perhaps with the readings or to help with the music.

And finally

Wedding day

We hope that you have a beautiful and memorable wedding day and a very happy future together.  We would love to hear from you after the event, especially if there are things you think we could improve, or if there was something that was especially nice!



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More information can be obtained from the Church of England wedding web site.

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