Monthly message

A message from our Vicar, Reverend Angela Hannafin...

I’ve become quite good at pulling up weeds since living in Bardsey.  As you may have noticed, the vicarage has a large garden.  As I’ve realised I don’t want to live in a jungle, it’s been time to attack the weeds.  I pulled up a particularly large one last week only to reveal a plant I vaguely recognised behind it.  At first I had to rack my brains – as a townie, I had only ever seen its fruit in a ripened state, often in markets in sunny European climes, or more recently in British supermarkets.  Then it dawned on me.  The plant I was looking at with its small fruit dangling down was a fig tree!  See the photograph.

Angela's fig

A small study of the fig tree (ie a quick Google and a useful article from The Guardian) reveals it’s actually an easy plant to grow (who knew??) Fig trees have unusual names like ‘Brown Turkey’, ‘Rouge de Bordeaux’ and ‘Violetta’.


I’m fascinated to actually see a fig tree up close, because I first read about it in the Bible many years ago. The gospel writer Luke notes that Jesus used it as an illustration for his teaching “Then he told them a parable: “Look at the fig tree and all the trees; as soon as they sprout leaves you can see for yourselves and know that summer is already near”.  Jesus was not providing primitive meteorological instruction, but referring to something else.  It was a visual reminder to them that, just as the seasons move forward, so Jesus would eventually return to earth one day.

Christians believe that Jesus will return to earth one day although the date is unknown. (I’ve said many times I’d prefer it to be after my wedding in July but who knows?!) When Jesus returns it won’t be like his first time as a baby - the whole world will know about it.  He will return as a king, to reign over the earth.  It’s actually a comforting thought, because when Jesus returns, he will restore justice to our world.  There are many places in our world where injustice has taken root and not been challenged.  Famine, slavery, trafficking, poverty, violence. These are all examples of injustice which impact our society.  People think God is indifferent to this, but he’s not. Once Jesus returns a new order will be formed where these atrocities, and other forms of human suffering will no longer exist.  God has already sent his Son for us, and intends Jesus to return again to clean up our world and eradicate wrongdoing forever.  Is it any wonder then we look forward to this day?  Until then, the weeds around the fig tree will keep me busy...

Every blessing….  Angela