The Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of Bardsey


The Parochial Church Council (PCC)  is responsible for the general running of the Parish.

Its responsibilities range from supervising worship and promoting the christian message to the management and maintenance of church property. Sub committees deal with day to day activities on behalf of the PCC. The PCC consists of two church wardens, 14 elected members, and the parish administrator and is chaired by the Reverend Clive Sedgewick.


The PCC achieved Charity Status in 2010 and all members of the PCC are trustees of the charity.

More information about charities and the responsibilities of trustees can be found on the Charities Commission web site.


The elected members serve for 2 years and are elected at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting which takes place in April each year. 


A full copy of the 2015 annual report can be obtained from the Parish Office or can be downloaded here.  


Vicar's Report to Bardsey with East Keswick Parochial Church Council  -  8 November 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen, Colleagues and indeed friends,

I write this report shortly after informing you of my impending move to become Team Rector of the Axe Valley Mission Community in Devon in the Diocese of Exeter.  I am sure that there will be many asking questions about the reasons for Andrea and me to be moving at this time after just over three years here in the parish.  Those reasons are all positive.  Although we could have stayed here until compulsory retirement which is still the legal position in the Church of England, I have enjoyed parish ministry immensely.  The present House for Duty post in Bardsey with East Keswick has been a tremendous joy to both of us.  This sense of joy and fulfilment has led us to recognise and look for a full-time role : this was most unlikely to become available here and so, when we the opportunity was presented to enter into full-time ministry in Axminster, we visited and eventually accepted the post.

The people, the community, the parish and the churches have given us so much, taught us so much, and borne with our mistakes and my idiosyncrasies.  I hope that we have also been able to give in our turn.  This is a parish, and people who have made such an impression upon us, and we look forward to the coming three months with anticipation and commitment to continuing the work which is taking place.  All that has been achieved over the last three years has been achieved by you - together - and there is no reason why it should not continue after Andrea and I move away.  You will be for ever in our thoughts and prayers - and we look forward to coming back to visit regularly.

I recognise that there is much work which needs to be done to maintain the progress and development of witness and worship beyond our final service with you on Sunday 29 January. I hope the following thoughts and comments will be helpful :

Standing Committee

The role of the Standing Committee will be increasingly important.  I hope that we will be able to arrange for it to meet within the next week to 10 days, and that it will meet frequently, possibly monthly, thereafter.  It will have a significant role to play in ensuring that the workload of maintaining services and events does not become unbalanced or fall upon too few individuals.  I hope that by the end of January we will have the majority of services for the following six months arranged and covered.  I know that Bishop Paul has indicated a desire to support the PCC and churchwardens and fulfilling service and worship commitments.

Service Times

It is now approaching one year since we introduced the minor changes to service times.  We did agree to review these after one year and so this should be an item for discussion at our next PCC meeting.  What we do know is that :

  • numbers attending church do not appear to have been affected :
  • services have all begun on time :
  • there has been far more opportunity for interaction between the priest and congregation after most services than was the case under the previous timings - especially with visitors.
  • The new timings are far more reasonable in terms of the role of the priest to travel and prepare for worship.

    The earlier start to services on Sunday mornings has not affected overall numbers though a few individuals have indicated that this has not been a popular or convenient initiative for them.

    Over the coming months and during any period of vacancy, new rules regarding the leading of services may impact upon us.  It is now no longer possible for visiting priests to be paid for more than two services in any one day.  Therefore, it will be necessary to :

  1. find two visiting ministers to lead Eucharistic worship each Sunday or
  2. reduce to 2 Eucharistic services each Sunday

    Both of these options have implications for the work load upon those leading over the next few months.  I will try to work with colleagues to secure a full programme of visiting ministers for some months ahead, if that is the wish of the PCC.


    It is a real joy to reflect that Sally Osborn has been nominated by the diocese to go forward to a Bishop's Advisory Panel (BAP) at the end of November.  This is the final national decision-making body which can support her into training for ordination.  Sally is a tremendous asset to our church and parish, and wonderful and spiritual friend and colleague.  I hope that the PCC will join with me in praying for her as she goes through what can be quite stressful 48 hours of residential selection activities, followed by a couple of weeks of waiting for the outcome.  Whatever the decision of the panel, I hope you will agree with me that Sally is a real blessing to all of us and we hold her in our thoughts and prayers now and into the future.


    As the PCC we have a number of activities and commitments which we have begun to plan and take forward.  These include the reroofing of All Hallows, the continuing development of ‘The Glade’ and pathways through it, work to St Mary Magdalene, improvements to the All Hallows heating system and others. 

    Whilst in principle the PCC has agreed to use reserves to ensure that projects can progress, it had also been agreed that we would look to deliver a significant fundraising and stewardship campaign in 2017.  Whilst I very much hope that projects will continue, it will be important to consider how the fundraising campaign can be led.  It will be particularly important to avoid additional work load falling upon a small number of individuals who are already working at capacity.  Any campaign must be very carefully worked out and delivered sensitively so that those who are already supporting the parish so generously are not left feeling that even more is being demanded from them.

    Parish Share

    Unfortunately the figures arising from the new parish share calculations are not yet available.  I have today spoken with Shawn Birch in the new diocesan office and he tells me that they hope to have the figures out to parishes by the end of next week.  He did confirm to me that we should expect an 8% reduction in our parish share for 2017.  On the present figures available it would appear that the eventual position for this parish should be an annual parish share request of roughly £55,000 or so.  It is expected that with the stepped reductions planned we should reach that level in around four years.  Clearly this is very positive news.

    With regard to parish share for 2016, we have so far used income to pay around £40,000, whereas our request was for £82,000.  Last year the parish paid £65,000 the central diocese, and it would seem reasonable to try to achieve this level again for 2017, even if it will require some call upon reserves in order to achieve this. 

    It will be important over the coming period to consider how our contributions to the central diocesan costs is to be met, including considerations of the apportionment of those costs. 


    As we enter into the Advent and Christmas periods There are so many opportunities for us to work together and enjoy the events and worship of the seasons.  We also have the opportunity to make a real statement to the community of 'The Good News' of Jesus Christ.  And whilst the PCC do have to address so many of the practical issues of maintaining the witness of presence of our churches in our villages, let's work together to share the joy of knowing and serving our Lord and God in this place.

    May God Bless us all as we seek to serve Him in this wonderful parish.

    Clive Sedgewick                                                                     November 2016